In Person Class Announcement: 

We are reopening in person obedience classes! For our safety and yours, group classes are being shortened to 45 minutes so we can sanitize in between lessons. All clients and staff will be required to wear a mask; if you do not have one, one will be provided for you. We appreciate your continued support and flexibility during this time.


Uplifting Paws operates under a positive reinforcement training philosophy. This philosophy has been scientifically proven to be the most effective, and will help improve the bond between you and your dog. This method allows your dog to make choices and figure out exactly what you as the owner are asking of them. Communication and consistency are key to positive reinforcement training. All of our service dogs, therapy teams and obedience clients are trained this way. By purchasing an obedience class from us, you are directly supporting our service and therapy dog programs. All revenue from our obedience classes goes towards helping our service dog program! 

We offer 8 different group obedience classes for all ages, breeds, and abilities of both dog and handler. All obedience classes run for 4 weeks and 45 minutes each week. The Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine classes have an additional 5th week for testing. Group classes are also limited to 6 dogs per session to provide optimal time for all clients with the trainer. Each session of classes is $100 + tax. 

If you are struggling with behavioral issues or aren't ready for a group class setting, please contact us directly to set up an obedience consultation and private training lessons. 

Weekly Obedience Seminars

Uplifting Paws offers weekly seminars with various subject matter. Seminars can cover a variety of topics, including training items like loose leash walking, bonding opportunities with your dog, and other valuable topics such as dog body language. Seminars meet once for 45 minutes, and are $15 plus tax, unless otherwise noted. To sign up for a seminar, please email Liz today!



Age 8 weeks to 6 months

Puppy level classes are aimed at properly socializing puppies and giving them opportunities to gain confidence through training. Training with a puppy helps create a lifelong bond, and will also help get through some of the new situations that you will encounter with a new puppy at home. Puppy manners includes obedience basics such as sit, down, come when called, and loose leash walking.


Age 6 - 12 months

Advanced Puppy classes are aimed at continuing obedience from Puppy Manners and continuing to encourage confidence through training. This class also serves as a chance for slightly older puppies to begin basic obedience if they haven’t had prior training. Advanced Puppy students will be prepared to take the S.T.A.R. puppy test, a pretest for the Canine Good Citizen.


Age 1 Year and up

This beginning class encourages the bond between owner and dog, and covers the basics. Dogs taking this class will learn how to sit, lay down, stand, heel, and stay, with more commands along the way.


Ages 8 months to 2 years

Teenagers! Even the most well trained puppy or dog will go through a teenage phase. This class is structured specifically around working through these difficult times and preparing your teenage dog for working in real world situations. This class serves as an intermediate between Advanced Puppy and the Canine Good Citizen classes.


Age 1 year and up

The Canine Good Citizen test is the first step towards your dog becoming a therapy dog with Uplifting Paws. Structured around passing the CGC test, this class will prepare you and your dog as a team to work through mild distractions.


Age 1 year and up

Passing the Community Canine test is the final step towards becoming an Uplifting Paws certified therapy team. This class is geared towards passing this particular test and having a therapy dog team prepared for real world distractions they would find while providing comfort to members of our community.


Ages 1 year and up

This course is meant to proof known commands learned in Adult Basics, and help prepare clients for the Canine Good Citizen class. Clients will learn how to work through additional distractions, improve loose leash walking skills, and includes more impulse control training needed for dogs to work in different places.


Ages 8 months and up

Pre-Therapy is designed to assist clients that are past teenagers and/or advanced adult and need a little help refining skills needed to prepare for therapy work. We will also introduce new skills relevant to therapy work specifically in this course.

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