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Dog Training Services

Uplifting Paws operates under a positive reinforcement training philosophy. Scientifically proven, positive reinforcement techniques help strengthen the bond between you and your dog. This method allows your dog to make choices and figure out exactly what you as the owner are asking of them. Communication and consistency are key to positive reinforcement training. All of our service dogs, therapy teams and obedience clients are trained this way. By purchasing an obedience class from us, you are directly supporting our service and therapy dog programs. All revenue from our obedience classes goes towards helping our service dog program! 

All obedience classes run for 6 weeks and an hour per week. Group classes are also limited to 5 dogs per session to provide optimal time for all clients with the trainer. Each course is $185, including taxes and covers all 6 training sessions in each course. 

If you are struggling with behavioral issues or aren't ready for a group class setting, please contact us directly to set up a consultation and private training lessons. 

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