Adoption Opportunities

Sometimes, we have service dog candidates that don't work out for our program. When that happens, we adopt them out to a forever home. 

Meet Sasha! 

Adoption fee: $400 plus tax. This includes a set of group lessons for Sasha and a set of private lessons with our trainer so we can help her adjust into your home. 

We are currently assisting a client rehome her dog, Sasha. Her current owner has this to say about Sasha: 

Sasha is a 7 year-old pittie, boxer, and lab mix. She is high energy around others but calm and chill at home when she is comfortable. She LOVES people! She absolutely loves meeting new people and getting butt scratches and chest rubs. If you can cajole her she'll let you rub her belly. She's lived in a home with kids. She's high energy so might not be good around little, little kids. But she's good with body touching and loves to be around her family. She loves her treats and food although can be picky about meals at times. If you choose to love Sasha she will love you back tenfold. She will sit by your side and let you rub her head and face. She'll give you tons of kisses. She'll also hog 3/4ths of the bed if you let her. But she's also just as comfortable sleeping in her own bed. She loves having beds and blankets all around for her to sleep in. She also loves toys and balls. She is a chewer though! So durable toys are best. She is allergic to chicken and has a sensitive digestive system. We are currently trying to get her back to healthy poops. She is perfect for someone who loves to be active. She will be your hiking buddy, your running buddy, your tv buddy too though! She would absolutely love a backyard she can sunbathe in too! She does have anxiety and doesn't like to be alone. She's a good loose leash walker although can pull sometimes. She also knows all her commands and some tricks too. She's crate trained as well. One major bonus point is she does not have bad breath! That we fixed!

If you live in Nebraska, Sasha's current owner would love to have a connection with her still, if her adoptive owners are willing!