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A general volunteer is someone that is looking to help us with some of their personal skills. Time commitment will vary and is dependent on what type of activity they chose to help with. For example, these volunteers may help to setup/tear down an event, assist in therapy dog testing, run booths at an event, and much more.

Other volunteers may choose to join our Board of Directors, which meets once per month. These reliable volunteers help with making business decisions, organizing events, and generally are more involved in other volunteer opportunities.

We like to showcase skills that our general volunteers may have. Creative volunteers could help design social media or website posts, tshirts, and more. An accountant looking to join us may enjoy being the Treasurer on our Board of Directors. An experienced dog trainer could assist in teaching obedience classes. The possibilities are endless, and we do our best to match our volunteers to their skillsets. 


A puppy raiser is someone that opens their heart and home to a future service dog. They will help us train the puppy through basic obedience, polite household behavior, and even begin taking the pup into public places once they’ve earned their vest! Uplifting Paws provides all necessities for the dog, including food and medical care. All we ask is you volunteer your time, home and love, to help make a difference in someone’s life.

This is a longer commitment, and volunteers should expect to have their puppy for approximately 12-18 months. Volunteers are also required to attend weekly training classes for our service dogs in training. 

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Uplifting Paws relies almost entirely on donations. Your donation goes a long way in our organization, whether it's used to purchase a bag of food for one of our service dogs, veterinary care, or equipment. 

We also have an Amazon Wish List if you would like to purchase and donate items that we use on a regular basis. 


Even the most dedicated puppy raiser or service dog trainer sometimes needs a break. Weekend handling and vacation handlers will have a future service dog in their home for a short period of time due to vacations or other conflicts that our puppy raisers or service dog trainers have. Handlers will be expected to care for the dog during their time in the home, making sure to do daily training and if able, take the dog into a public setting for practice. This commitment is generally for a few days to a week at a time.



5800 Cornhusker Hwy #3, Lincoln, NE 68507, USA

(402) 580-4433