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Uplifting Our Community

A therapy dog is a dog that provides affection and support to people in hospitals, retirement communities, schools, and many other places in the community. Uplifting Paws offers the opportunity for interested volunteers to receive proper training which allow the volunteers to take their dogs into these places. Currently we are expanding our list of accepted communities for our therapy dog program.

All of our therapy dogs must pass both the American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC), the Community Canine (CGCA), and the Canine Urban (CGCU) test as part of their training. These classes are offered through Uplifting Paws specifically to prepare therapy teams for the types of encounters they will run into while volunteering. All dogs must retest for the CGCU every two years to ensure that they are still meeting the required therapy standards.  Volunteer commitment involves going into the community twice per month for one hour minimum, with opportunities given at the discretion of Uplifting Paws. 

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