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Promoting Independence

A service dog is trained to help a person with a disability by performing tasks that help the person be independent. The type of tasks the dogs perform are dependent on the disability and are trained based on client need. Due to an increased need for service dogs for all types of disabilities, the main focus for Uplifting Paws is our service dog program. We are able to place psychiatric service dogs, including autism assistance dogs, as well as service dogs for physical disabilities. 


Our service dog program begins with puppies as young as 8 weeks old. The puppies are taught their basic obedience and house manners, and then they start their advanced training. These puppies will go through approximately 200 hours of training with a volunteer puppy raiser over the first year of their life! After this, they begin an additional 400 hours of training for specific tasks for their forever home.  

Our service dog program is no longer accepting applicants at this time. However, we are filling a waitlist for future use. 

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